Divorce and Separation

The prospect of divorce initiates a wide range of emotions and is traumatic for most people. Talking to a divorce lawyer early in the process can help you to understand your options and may even help resolve your case more quickly.

Child Custody

Doing what is in the best interests of children can be a contentious and sensitive matter when involving the other parent. You can be assured we do everything legally possible to vigorously advocate your interests and protect your children’s rights.

Child Support

Child support is usually paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to contribute to the cost of the child’s upbringing. We can work with you to create or modify child support agreements, at any stage of separation or divorce.

Domestic Violence

We can go to court on your behalf, on an emergency basis and in some cases, without notice to the perpetrator to get a temporary restraining order or permanent restraining order issued against the person who is hurting you.