Testimonials from Clients

Exceptional service. I would emphatically recommend Laura—I found all of my communications with Laura to be honest, direct, professional and timely. She came highly recommended to me, from another attorney, as ‘Someone who stayed on top of the courts and the opposing attorney to ensure the divorce cases were processed through the legal system as quickly as the law permits’. I found this to be absolutely true of Laura, as she was on top of every step of my divorce case, and managed to get the case processed in under a year. I did not need to manage or follow up with Laura at any step. She was on top of everything and only contacted me when necessary, therefore keeping my fees reduced. If I had questions, her answers were concise and helpful. If I had a question about something that wasn’t happening for months she would tell me, “I know why you are asking me that, but don’t worry about it now because it won’t happen for months, and you don’t need to pay me twice to answer that question.” I quickly appreciated her approach which assisted me in remaining calm in a very emotional time. I loved that I only worked with her. She did not have an assistant contact me. All of my communications were directly with her therefore alleviating confusion, additional calls, and obviously less fees. Laura’s memory is exceptional. She is laser focused on your discussions with her. I rarely had to remind her of a specific detail of a previous conversation. A simple word or two and she knew what I was speaking of. Laura’s writing of legal documents to the other attorney and the judge were simply exceptional. Specific, direct, masterful and strong when needed, I told her more than once that her legal writing was to me, a form of art. My particular divorce case was not your average case and the 50/50 NYS no fault rule did not apply. Laura did a lot of extensive research of case study to determine what would be fair distribution under an extreme set of circumstances. I am proud to say we made legal history in our judicial district. I honestly felt, and continue to feel, she was heaven sent to me. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. She is kind and compassionate to your individual needs, but when she gets in that courtroom…she is a powerful force and she will fight for you. Laura has a lot of integrity. If she tells you your expectations are unrealistic, it is because they are. She will not make a false promise of an outcome that she can’t make happen. She will also not lead you in a direction that might not benefit you. Call for a consultation. Everything that I heard of her work ethic, drive, communication and professionalism was 100 percent accurate.


September 2019

The Best Divorce Attorney—I could not be happier having Laura Hoffman as my attorney. While she was retained for my case, I found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, approachable and willing to assist me in any way throughout the process in and outside of the courtroom. I never had an issue with being able to get in contact with her and she always made herself available for any questions I may of had as legal proceedings can be challenging for the average person to understand. Moreover, her office was willing to be of service to me if she was ever busy in other court proceedings.

It is hard having to deal with family court issues on many levels, but having Laura Hoffman in my corner definitely put me at ease and really helped deliver the best result possible. I not only highly recommend that anyone in need of representation for a family court case seek to retain Laura as your attorney, but also plan to request her services in the future should a need arise again. You will be very pleased with her, that is a guarantee!


December 2016

Very Professional—In divorce situations there are many times you simply can not think clearly and everything seems very sad and confusing. Laura was able to help me navigate through all the legal aspects and helped me make great sound decisions that were best for my children and myself. Very professional. Laura was always available when I called. She was great at explaining the court processes and I always new what I could expect next. I am very thankful for her and this firm and for the dedication they showed to my case.

January 2017

Very knowledgable and caring—I had interviewed 5 family law attorneys before I decided to work with Laura and I can’t be happier with the services and the support she’s been providing. During our initial interview, she was able to immediately see through the issues that would have complicated my life if they had not been proactively addressed. Laura is very detail oriented, up to the point and is extremely efficient. All I have to worry about is to show up in a certain place and at a certain time to find out that things have been taken care of. She urges me to act in my best interest. I definitely recommend this attorney to anyone who faces a divorce.
Victor Shashilov

March 2016

The Best Divorce Attorney—I was going through a messy divorce and had hired a male attorney who did nothing for me and charged me a fortune. After almost a year of no movement, I fired that attorney and hired Laura who I found online from this website. I knew I should have hired a female to begin with!!! Laura met with me within three days of contacting her and within three months she had my divorce papers in front of the judge. She knew exactly how to proceed to get the best results for me. She is easy to reach, always kept me in the loop and is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her!!!
Lisa Noyes

July 2015

What Other Attorneys in the Community Say About Laura

I highly endorse Laura. She is a knowledgeable, skilled, and highly effective advocate. She is a well-respected and valued member of our legal community. I would suggest her legal services without hesitation.
Lauren Hunt

Divorce and Separation Attorney

I am happy to endorse this lawyer. She is a caring and zealous advocate who will fight for her clients and help her clients through the difficult process of Family Law related disputes. She is very profession and a pleasure to work with. Any client would be well-served to have Laura as his/her attorney.
Suzanne Latimer

Family Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.Laura is a tremendous advocate. She is a seasoned matrimonial attorney that knows the law and is able to obtain optimal results for her clients. She is dedicated to her clients and will work day or night to make sure their rights and interests are protected. Tough, intelligent and fair— Laura’s clients benefit from her knowledge, experience, ethics, and ability in the Court room.
Barrett Mack

Divorce and Separation Attorney

As a colleague of Laura’s for several years now, I have had many opportunities to observe her practice law with the utmost integrity, professionalism and skill. Laura works tirelessly for her clients and is a well-respected attorney in our legal community.
William Firth

Litigation Attorney